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Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Why LEDs are better
Traditional lighting systems generally use halogen, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor technologies, which are all high in energy consumption, require more maintenance, and have a far lesser life span in comparison to contemporary LED lighting products. Older technologies tend to have significant reductions in light output over time, often losing as much as 30% in the first year of their operation and gradually decreasing further over time. LED light technologies hold their light output levels for much longer than their traditional counterparts ensuring brighter light, for longer.
By upgrading to newer more energy efficient LED lighting technology, you can save thousands on power bills and maintenance costs, while at the same time improving the brightness of your shop, warehouse, strata building or carpark.
Improve the lighting levels of your premises, save money on power, and reduce your carbon footprint at a fraction of the typical cost of a lighting upgrade, and with little disruption to your business. We think that’s a good enough reason to upgrade with Alolink.

Case Studies

Retail Outlets

Pretty Girl Fashion Group

$7,364 per year

5,240 kWh / year

$613 Per Month

1 of many Pretty Girl stores upgraded
“…our stores have benefited by having a brighter, more appealing ambience, a cooler climate due to the lower heat created by the new lights and very healthy energy savings.”

Mark Hughes
Project and Procurement Manager. Pretty Girl Fashion Group

Terry White Chemist Charlestown

$25,903.86 per year

103,615.45 kWh / year

$2,158.15 Per Month

103.62t Tones of C02 abated p/a
The lights at Terry White Chemist in Charlestown NSW were upgraded earlier this year, to our energy efficient LED lights. As a result from the upgrade we helped make energy savings of over $25,000 annually and helped make a significant reduction to the carbon footprint of this store.


Hills Indoor Sports Centre

$25,443.14 per year

127,215.69 kWh / year

$2,120 Per Month

“... upgraded our sports centre with LED energy efficient lighting. The new lights have increased the brightness and consistency in our centre. The other benefit is that we are saving money on our power costs…”

Patrick Nelletamby
Hills Indoor Sports Centre

Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Bunnings Warehouse

$24,244.60 per year

121,223.02 kWh / year

$2,020 Per Month

$24,244.60 per year

121,223.02 kWh / year

$2,020 Per Month

Bunnings Warehouse at Kelso underwent a successful lighting upgrade comprising of 71 warehouse high bay lights. After upgrading to high energy efficiency LED tube high bays, Bunnings Warehouse at Kelso has managed to save over 121,000 kWh annually.

Border Express

$40,122.69 per year

200,614.80 kWh / year

$3,343 Per Month

“We engaged ... to change our hi-bay lights to newer and more energy efficient LED lights in our warehouse at Wetherill Park. The lights provide good vision for our employees on the floor and I have had feedback that they are cooler also.”

Jody Margaris  
Border Express

   Sema Group

$36,651.33per year

82124.02 kWh / year

$3,054 Per Month

The upgrade for the Sema Group warehouse at Kingsgrove resulted in a huge improvement to their floor lighting levels.
The warehouse is now illuminated to its full potential, saving thousands on energy
bills and substantially helping
to reduce carbon emissions
for the group, minimising their carbon footprint and saving them big on power.

Shopping Centres

Burwood Plaza

$71,577per year

121,223.02 kWh / year

$5,964 Per Month

The lighting upgrade carried out of Burwood Plaza consisting of 1,745 downlights, shop lights, tubes and oyster lights. Burwood Plaza was able to make savings of over $71,000 a year as a result of the lighting upgrade.

Food Outlets and Restaurants


$21,704per year

108,520.52 kWh / year

$1808 Per Month

McDonalds at Padstow saw the replacement of 278 lights, a combination of round flush mounts and fluorescent tubes, with high energy efficiency LED bulbs. This upgrade has saved over 108,520 kWh annually.

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