1. Please be aware that all Alotel's telephone and broadband services including NBN services, are subjected to the results of Service Qualification checks. Call Alotel on 1300 160 760 (optional 1) to find out more information.

2. Pricings on any one-off payments and monthly access charges of the relevant products and/or services, and their associated terms and conditions will be provided over the phone within 24-48 hours of the submission of the form below. 

3. Any Alotel's broadband bunle plan comes with an NBN ready WIFI modem with 4 ports.

4. All non-direct debit payments attract $2.75 admin fee per transaction.

5. All paper bills attract $2.75 admin fee per bill.

6. 12 month agreement term incurs a one-off setup fee of $130.00

7. Visa and Matercard credit card payments incur 2% surcharge.

8. All prices are inclusive of GST.

9. Connection fees may apply when:       
        - In-place telephone line connection, without technician visit: $59.00
        - In-place telephone line connection with technician visit: $125.00
        - New telephone line connection: $299.00
        - New developed houses in NBN enabled areas: $300.00
10. All applicants need to be over the age of 18 to complete and submit the form below.

First Name
Quantity of Fixed Phone Services required
Drivers License Number
ABN/ACN (if applicable)
Business Name (if applicable)
Service Street Address
Post Code
Home Phone
New Connection or Transfer of Existing Services
Last Name
Date of Birth
Quantity of Broadband Services required
Referral Code (optional)
Preferred Payment Method (direct debit/ Bpay/ direct transfer/ credit card)
Preferred Bill Delivery (email or paper)
Agreement Term (24 or 12 months)
Quantity of Fixed Phone Services with unlimited calls (unlimited local, national, and mobile calls)
Eligible for ADSL2+ bundle or NBN Bundle (if known)
Anything you would like us to know

Applicant's Declarations

By clicking on ''Submit" button above, I declare that I have read and agreed to the following terms:

Applicant's Declaration
The Customer (“You”) apply to The Company (“we” or “us”) for the supply of Telephone Services for the service numbers listed in this application form and/or the supply of any equipment related to the provision of these services as specified in this application. You acknowledge that:
Telephone Services and/or Internet Services listed in this application are subject to our Standard Form of Agreement which is a Standard Form of Agreement for the purposes of Part 23 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth). By signing this application you agree that you have been given the opportunity to read, or have read, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the Standard Form of Agreement. This application is accepted by us at the time your Telephone Services, Internet Services are activated. By submitting this application, the person submitting this application warrants that they are duly authorised to execute this application on behalf of the Customer. Note: If you are a residential customer, a sole trader or partnership in NSW or a customer in the Northern Territory you are entitled to cancel the contract you made at any time within the 10 business day cooling off period, for NSW (that ends 10 clear business days from application) and 10 calendar day cooling off period, for Northern Territory (that begins on the day we accept this application), by sending a cancellation notice to us.
Credit Checks      
Prior to submitting your application, you have agreed to provide to us all information relevant to our assessment of your credit rating. You consent and acknowledge that you: Understand that the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) allows us to give a credit reporting agency certain personal information about you; The information we disclose to a credit reporting agency includes: 60 days overdue and for which debt collection action has started, information that in our opinion you have acted fraudulently or shown an intention not to comply with your credit obligations, and cheques drawn by you for $100 or more which have been dishonoured more than once; Agree to our obtaining from a credit reporting agency a credit report containing information about your personal credit worthiness for purposes of assessing your application and assisting in collecting overdue payments, and to our obtaining information about your commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness from any business which provides information about the commercial credit worthiness of persons, your accountant or any other supplier to you; Agree to our giving to and obtaining from any credit provider named in your application or in a credit report on you issued by a credit reporting agency, information about your credit arrangements for the purpose of assessing your application, notifying a default by you, allowing another credit provider to ascertain the status of your arrangements with us where you are in default with one or more other credit providers and generally assessing your credit worthiness; and Understand the information exchanged can include any information about your business, personal and/or commercial credit worthiness, credit history or credit capacity which the Privacy Act allows credit providers to give to or receive from each other.
Landline Transfer Authority      
You, the authorised applicant, are authorised to request this transfer authority and make the changes to the services listed in the sections above and agree that the telephone service numbers under the accounts above are to be transferred to us. You warrant that the service numbers provided above are correct and correspond to the service numbers you require to be transferred to us. Providing incorrect information may result in the transfer failing and a port rejection fee being payable. A porting charge may apply for each 13, 1300 or 1800 service number. There may be consequences from the transfer arising from an existing telephone contract and it is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of any existing contracts relevant to the services being transferred. We may choose your carrier. You acknowledge that you may surrender all incentives and benefits with your current telephone company (e.g. discount plans, charity concessions). We may ask your current telephone company to release you. You authorise us to sign on your behalf and in your name forms of authority to any current Supplier to transfer your services into your name. The telephone service number(s) will remain active with your current telephone company until the transfer is effective. You will be solely responsible to us for all charges incurred by you on the service numbers you have provided to us for transfer, after the date the transfer is effective. You understand you will still be responsible to your current telephone company for any charges which are incurred and/or billed up to the date the transfer is effective. You will contact your current telephone company in relation to providing service and any faults until the transfer is effective.
Connecting Timeframe
If there has been a previous working home phone service at your property and we can reconnect it without having to visit your property, the local telephone exchange or anywhere in between, then we aim to connect the service within two working days of your request. If this isn’t possible, then we aim to connect your service within five to 15 working days, depending on your location.
The standard Monthly Charge and Setup pricing stated in all our products are based on new customers agreeing to waive the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG).

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